Leroy, Jim & Snoopy [The Jeep]
Trip to the high country in the
Rocky Mountains...

Late August 1999

Page Three

One Of The Hundreds Of Water Falls
Along Our Way to Mosquito Pass
To Leadville, Colorado

Like Any Great Hunting Dog
Snoopy Is Hunting For
A New Place To Enjoy

One Of The "Locals" That
We Visited With...
Great Trail...No People
Just Us And The "Locals"!!!

Don't Let The Photo Fool You
This Is BIG Water Falls

Another Group Of  Local Folks
That We Meet Along
Way...Nice Folks

There Was 2,000+ Sheep In
Herd...Note The 1890's Mining Trail
Going Up The Mountain In
The Background...The Was Once A
Toll Road...Not A Four Lane Either!!!

One Man Takes Care of The
1,500 to 5,000 Sheep...
Moves The Sheep From The Low Country
In The Early Spring...Then In
The Late Summer Moves Them Back Down
The High Country.

Lives In The "Housing" As Pictured...Supplies are
Brought In Once A Month By Trail or Aircraft.
The "House" Is Moved Ever Few Days By
Horse or Mule.

The "Sheep Herders" Come From The Upper Areas Of
Spain...Are Flown To The United States and
Back Home When Winter Sets In.

Great Job If You Want To "Get Away" From "It All"!!!

Weather Changes In The High Country
Happens In A Matter Of Minutes
Snow Is Common Anytime Of The Year

From The Above To This
Within Five Minutes~!~

Mule Deer Taking An
Afternoon Break

Mosquito Pass From Quray, Colorado
To Fairplay Colorado.

This 1890's Toll Road Climbs From Quray
To Over 13,000 msl.  Two Stage Coaches, Plus Two
Ore/Supply Wagons Used This Trail To Carry Supply
To The Miners.  Ore To Fairplay, It Is Hard To Believe
That Wagons With Wood Wheels Could Travel Such.

Mosquito Pass Is Rarely Open Before July 4th...and...Can Be
Snowed In My Late August Or September

When The Pass Was Closed Due To Snow
Mail Was Carried By A Man Wearing Seven Foot
Long Snow Shoes...Almost 30 Miles One Way!!!

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