Welcome To The Ozarks

I have lived in the Ozarks Mountains since 1962.  Over the years
I have seen many changes.  Much of what I enjoyed and visited years
ago is gone.

Many of the small towns are now nothing more than memories.  Thus starting
in 2005 Jill my wife and I take just about each Sunday off.  We enjoying
visiting the "off the road places".  Hope that you too will enjoy our travels.

As you visit page after page you will note that I take photos of subjects 
that I am sure that many people would not give the subject a second look
or thought.  I simply take photos of what I like and sometimes see a bit of
humor in.

There is not an eMail link to me ... since I feel that my photos "says"
all needs to be said.

Here is a photo of me ... so if we meet you will know who I am.

Jim's Gallery Of Photos

All Have Copyrights


Almartha, Missouri,

Hilo Cemetery [Missouri] ... 1891

Rockbridge, Missouri, 1868

A Sunday Drive In The Ozarks
March 13th, 2005

Misc Photos


The Ozarks region is one of the oldest and
most unique geologic regions in North America

Ozark or Ozark Plateau