A Sunday Drive

The following photos where taken on March 13, 2005.
Left Mountain Home, Arkansas ... we took state highway
201 north.  Then at Bakersfield, Missouri state highway
142 east to Mammoth Springs, Arkansas.  Back home via
state highway 9 and US 412.

I was in the mood to enjoying the "rust" along the road
ways, church road signs, etc.

Jill and I are having a GREAT time staying on the "back roads" !

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March 13, 2005

WOW ... what luck!!!  Rust everywhere, time to get the camera out.  And
time for Jill to read her book.

If you are as old as I am ... Then you will remember when the "big three"

I wish the old truck could "talk" ... there is no doubt that if it could
it would be more interesting that folks on the "6pm news".

Mankind and Mother Nature ... Have made art!
You will not find this in the "big cities" ... America is still alive
and well in rural America!

Andy Warhol ... "eat your heart out".

Reminds me of my office.

85hp and 5,800 gross weight WOW!