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Snoopy Travels Kansas Colorado Utah

Moab, Utah Trip...November, 1999
[Kansas, Colorado & Utah]

Hey, you are hanging in there with with Snoopy!!!!

Snoopy has left Kansas and now in Colorado.

Snoopy Travels Kansas Colorado Utah

Windmill circa late 1880's ?, beauty is everywhere if you just look.  One of the joys of small towns is the America flag is flown over schools and homes.  It seems the only time I see the flag in a city is at the post office [if you see a flag at half-mast on a post office building, that means their are hiring] or car lot.  Granted the flags are much smaller in the these towns, but the "meaning" is much LARGER.

I don't really think that car lots fly the flag for America; I think they do it so I will look at their cars.  My reason for feeling this way, is because I see the flag at dealerships that do not sell American made cars.

Perhaps Snoopy and I will design flag based on a picture of a hundred dollar bill...that why the dealership could have a flag that would have true meaning for them.  Snoopy has a "dark side" ;-)

Snoopy Travels Kansas Colorado Utah

The windmill fan [blades] are open in this photo...means that the windmill is in working position...

Snoopy Travels Kansas Colorado Utah

The windmill fan [blades] are closed in this photo...means that the windmill is "turn off"...

Snoopy Travels Kansas Colorado Utah

Note the "ginger bread" wood work...There is no doubt about people in the 1890's built everything to not only work.  But, also created as much beauty as the could!

Photos of the windmill were taken in Flagler, Colorado.  Flagler is about one hundred miles or so west of Denver.   This area is high plains country, cattle country; was once know as high plains desert.  [Which it still is, unless you try a purchase land; then the real estate agencies refer to it as high plains country.]

All over for Colorado photos on this part of the trip...coming up to the west is Denver, shopping malls, etc.  Snoopy is not big on either, so the camera has been put up and we are on way through such areas as fast as Snoopy's legs will carry us.  Remember Snoopy is a country dog, just doesn't care for the city dogs.  Snoopy likes to be in the open country, doesn't need a "fire plug" to do his thing.

Snoopy Travels Kansas Colorado Utah

* Snoopy Is Looking At You

Hanksville, Utah
Snoopy's home for the next few days.  If you are looking for a party, you best bring everything you need.  Or, hope the local C-Store has it...
New Orleans this is not!!!

Ebenezer Hanks and other Mormon settlers founded this out-of-the-way community in 1892 along the Fremont River, now know by the more common name of Dirty Devil River [If you see Dirty Devil River, you would understand why the name, BTW later on you will see it.]  The isolation attracted polygamists like Hanks and other fugitives from the law.  Butch Cassidy and his gang found refuge in the rugged canyon country of "Roberts' Roost" just east of town.  [Should  you have the desire to be a polygamist or are hiding from the law, this would still be an excellent choice].  Keep in mind when the comment is made the folks like good old Ebenezer "founded" a community.  Well, that means they "took" it...good Mormons like Ebenezer took what ever they needed.  All in the name of God, you know much like we did to the American Indians.  I just love the way we "Europeans" do Gods work!!!  We are so lucky that God is "white" not, black or an American Indian, I am sure if he was an American Indian we would be in "deep trouble"!!!

Even by Utah standards, Hanksville is still remote.  The population is only 400 or so, but it has outlasted many other farm communities upstream north towards the Green River.  Most folks make a living ranching, farming [hay, corn feed, and watermelons], mining or tourism.  All the folks we meet in Hanksville went out of their way to help us and make sure that Snoopy had a most enjoyable visit.  One "four-generation" rancher even ask Snoopy come back and he would take Snoopy places that very few other people ever get so see.  Wow, did Snoopy head light brighten up on hearing that.

Folks ask me if there are still polygamist in this part of the country...the official answer is NO, the true answer is YES.  I assure you that the Mormon sheriff is not going to bother you.  That is as long as you are a Mormon, if not you and all of your child brides are going to the "big house", ASAP!!!.  So if you are not Mormon I would suggest that you just have one wife at a can have as many as you want.  But, the limit is one at a time, understand?

Snoopy Travels Kansas Colorado Utah

Welcome to Hanksville, Utah!!!
A great area to "hunt" for dinosaurs...

Snoopy Travels Kansas Colorado Utah

Sorry I am my knowledge of dinosaurs is very limited...all I know that Clark keep feeding this one, hub caps, and engine parts from an old 1953 Ford pickup...

Snoopy Travels Kansas Colorado Utah

This is Snoopy's trading post for his visit to Hanksville, Utah and the Maze area of the Canyon Lands.  Neat C-Store, how many have you seen that are built into the side of a LARGE rock?  Cuts down on air conditioning and heating bills, plus no windows to wash.  We got all our daily supplies here, fuel, water, sardines in mustard, etc.  Snoopy loves C-Stores, he is not into four star dinning...again this is not New Orleans...

Snoopy seen a "yellow corvette" in Green River and fell in love...Snoopy is very unhappy that photo did not come out.  I am sure that Snoopy will find another yellow vette and all will be well again.

Oh, notice that Clark has his hand in his jeans pocket again...this is really getting a bit old, Clark!!!

Snoopy Travels Kansas Colorado Utah

Snoopy heads into Dirty Devil Canyon via Poison Spring trail, which proved to be a very challenging day into the "back country".  The local folks said that Snoopy was the first to travel into this area in three or four years.  The BLM and National Parks folks said that no one could "make the trail", well they did not "know" Snoopy!!!  If you travel this area enough you will find the the National Parks folks are nice, but very guarded.  I guess that the powers to be in Washington, D.C. want to protect us, you know we should not take a chance and hurt ourselves, such we.

Snoopy finds it very strange that the native Americas did just fine with out all the help and suggestions.  I guess they did not have a "father" in Washington to tell them that they were living in a very dangerous country.  Snoopy feels a lot safer in the this evil world of deep, dark canyons, and high cliffs that in a shopping center.  At least out here if  you get killed you have the pleasure of know that you did it yourself, not by some stranger with a hand gun.

The muddy waters of the Dirty Devil River have carved a DEEP canyon...Desperadoes around the turn of the century hid out in the rugged canyon lands of "Robbers Roost" across the river.  In 1869, when one of Powell's expedition members was asked if the waters had trout, he replied with total disgust that smelly and muddy river was "a dirty devil".

One always has to be careful when driving in the river beds in this part of the country.  Flash floods do take a few jeeps and lives from time to time, plus the bottom can "drop out" or quick sand can be a problem.  Dirty Devil was so muddy there was little reason to worry, either you make it across it or you did not.  Since you can not see anything, worry is just an wasted effort!!!  Right Clark???

Snoopy Travels Kansas Colorado Utah

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